Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show

Back Yard Bash

OK, everyone, SIT DOWN so we can start!!

U know, we get paid BIG BUCKS to do this - NOT!!

Peter is cast perfectly for this one...

feeling kinda cagey..

Walt keeps us somehow mostly in tune...

damn, Mick Jagger, look OUT!!

Straight from FOX news....

It's only a gaping wound.. i mean, REALLY!!

Thank you Laurel and Hardy!

Oh, my, she needs a makeover!

Hey, he loves Hitler.. what can we do??

Dave, we'll miss you for this..

Someone needs to expose our bush.. for sure!!

Are you all tired of this one yet??

I am never tired of this one!

all together now.. PoP! Guzzle! Relax!

This is no JOKE!

Peace to y'all!!

... from all of us..

Hey, after the gig, the REAL music starts..

Alice has no rhythm, but she can dance!!

We even have groupies..

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