Introducing ...... Dr. Atomic's
World Famous Medicine Show

Elizabeth Gingerich, Massage Therapist. Elizabeth pulls off a fantastic Tina Turner parody in Rollin'... what a voice!

Peter Bergel, Peace Activist. Check out his latest spoonerism, Moose Lorals!.

Shawn Stevens, General Contractor.
Shawn does a cool parody of Music Man in our piece called "Trouble".

Melanie Zermer, Massage Therapist.
Melanie keeps us all in line and on track, and is our famous News Reporter!

Bernadette Hansen, Water Guru.
Bernie and Shawn are our rap homies in Big Bucks!

Mark Nassar, Personal Chef. Transformed in 5% Solution Blues from a jet setting energy waster to a bike riding Green Man!
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Praise and adulation of this site can be E-Mailed to Mark.